Your support keeps this site going. TR3 US version disc 1.0 use, TR3 Official Patch used. This is a collaborative walkthrough for Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft. Battletech. The Long Slope. Head back up the wing and find a well-hidden Salvage on a small ridge next to the stairs leading up to the tree that got hit by lightning. We pick up her trail in India, where she's hunting for an artifact, the legendary Infada Stone. Platforms: Windows, PlayStation. Walk one step forward (slow walk). Saving Your Game: As in TR1, the PlayStation game requires you to pick up a save crystal each time you want to save your game. Pictures, Savegames, Award, Movie Reviews, Cheats, Hints, Look-a-like and much more. Meteorite Cavern. This also appears on the statistics screen at the end of each level. See the TR3 Downloads page for details. As you continue forwards a Poison Breathing Lizard will attack from the far corner. Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough and Game Guide. Lara Croft returns in another action-packed adventure. It includes 3D effects such as mist, lightning and rain. In the present day a corporation, RX Tech, excavates the sight and finds a number of strange statues. Quest for Glory 2. If you prefer a video walkthrough to text with screenshots, I encourage you to check out my friend Bosnian Streamer's Complete Tomb Raider 3 Video Walkthrough. Climb up to the standing area and walk to the top right corner (facing the shooting range). Subnautica. Gamer Walkthroughs --- Contact Us --- Privacy ---, Ghostrunner FPP Cyberpunk Parkour (New Release). So you've mastered the game and now you're looking for a bigger challenge? Spoiler-free Synopsis: Millions of years ago, a meteor crashed to Earth, landing in Antarctica, then a tropical paradise. Back to Tomb Raider 3. (It will run on newer versions of Windows but may need some tweaking to run in widescreen and/or windowed format.) Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Spin around three times and then jump forward. Jungle. Lost City of Tinnos Jump – Alt for a straight up jump. Go through the doorway on the right into a room with 4 movable blocks, as well as a gold door set high on one wall. TR3 synopsis draws from information on The Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide. Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough and Game Guide. BAY C - CELL BLOCK: From the starting position facing the cell door, backflip into the window to trip the motion sensor. See this page for IMPORTANT BUG WARNINGS with minimal spoilers. Aldwych Station . If you've never played a Tomb Raider game before—or even if you have—I encourage you to check out my TR3 Controls and Gameplay Tips & Strategy pages. Consider attempting a NLNM (No Loads, No Meds) or NLNMAS (No Loads, No Meds, All Secrets) run. A mini-sequal to Tomb Raider 3 was released for the PC in 2000 called The Lost Artifact. Back to Tomb Raider 3 . 12 - Thames Wharf. var today = new Date(); Follow the metal walkway to the end and climb onto the pink ledge near the artifact, but do not climb onto the electrified metal walkway ahead. Unaware of its true history, she only knows that in local beliefs it was supposed to hold great powers. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. IMPORTANT: There are two main routes through this level. Approach the one on the left and press Action. Then, Lara will pull a book and the fire will extinguish, allowing her to climb up the side wall inside the fireplace. 03 - River Ganges. I'm the matriarch in a family of gamers, social media thrall, caffeine junkie, optimist, otaku, and webmaster at,, and Visit the Official Tomb Raider site at Head down the corridor, go past the … Includes all hidden secrets, PC and MAC bugs, and comes packed with screenshots. Tomb Raider 3 is the third game in the highly popular Tomb Raider series. Pull the Switch which will fill up both tanks #1 and #2. City, Antarctica Objective: Enter the abandoned tube station to find the first the secret Masonic Temple and then the hideout of the Brotherhood of the Damned. Temple of Puna, Thames Wharf Copyright © As always, my walkthrough includes the location of all secrets. For help running the Macintosh version on newer systems, visit MacRaider. 3.0 out of 5 stars Tomb Raider 3: The Official Strategy Guide Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2000 If you are looking for a step-by-step and turn-by-turn guide to the game, this book is NOT it. While following the Ganges downriver, she runs into a Scottish scientist, one Dr. Willard, who is also looking for the stone. Aldwych The door opens, and a military policeman rushes in and tries to pummel Lara with his baton. Secrets: As in the original Tomb Raider, the number of secrets in each level varies (from 0 to 6). The search for the remaining artifacts takes her into Nevada's infamous Area 51, to a tropical island in the South Pacific and home to England. In 1999 Tomb Raider 3 became a bestseller in the UK. He informs her that it is actually one of four pieces carved from an ancient meteorite. That is, play through the game without saving, without using a health pack, and, of course, without dying. This walkthough will introduce the sources that you need to find and unlock anything useful in the game, Below are the sources you'll need to achieve challenges, etc. PC and Macintosh players still have unlimited saves. Also, instead of being completely linear, the middle locations—London, the South Pacific and Nevada—can be played in any order. While the first two games were developed exclusively by Crystal Dynamics, Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal took charge on the latest chapter, arguably giving Lara Croft her definitive adventure. The search begins in India and later takes her all around the world, including places such as the Nevada Desert, London and Antarctica. A chime sounds when you locate a secret, and the stopwatch in the main inventory ring indicates the number of secrets in the current level and how many you've found so far. They include pointers on moving Lara through her environment, conserving health and ammo, using the menu and inventory systems, and much more. 14 - Luds Gate. Lara Croft returns in another action-packed adventure. Some screenshots courtesy of Katie's Tomb Raider Site. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough guides you through every stage and location in this Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions. all kills, all pickups, no medipack. It was originally sold as a standalone product in which Lara must find the fifth piece of the statue. Jungle . Enter and head to the right. Condition is "Very Good". They praised the gameplay and exploration aspects of the game but felt it didn’t add too much from the original two games. Duck and stand. Soon she will discover much more.... What's New Since TR2: More detailed environments and enhanced graphics, including dynamic lighting, rain, snow, smoke, mist, and other 3D effects. Sidestep – Del and Page Down for sidestep left and right. Lud's Gate The following is a walkthrough for Tomb Raider (2013 Game). Crash Site These are described in detail in the section "CHOICE OF PATHS" ( below ). Walk – Hold Shift while using the Arrow keys to walk slowly. She also has a few new action moves such as swinging across monkey bars, crawling and sprinting. The buttons and switch control the water levels in the 3 tanks. It is available only for Windows and Macintosh. Objective: Locate the Indra Key and reach the level exit. Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough and Game Guide. Go down the sandy steps then climb up to the doorway on the left. To begin with tank #1 is half full and tank #2 is empty. Both text and video guides work for the standard edition, GOTY and the Definitive Edition. It is possible to complete the level using either path; however, if you choose the path THROUGH THE RUINS, you will miss one of the secrets. Tomb Raider 3 was positively received by gamers and reviewers and gave it an average score of 73%. Just before he reaches the window sill, jump over him. This is a stand-alone game with just six levels. Subnautica. There is no reward for finding all secrets in a level, but finding all secrets in the game allows you to access the bonus level, All Hallows. Tomb Raider Site with highly detailed walkthroughs with graphics as well as short solutions for Tomb Raider 1-5, The Angel of Darkness and Tomb Raider Legend. Today, the same area is being excavated by the research company RX Tech, who are picking up unusual readings from the meteorite's impact zone. There are also a number of fan-made mods to enhance your gaming experience. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out this new subsection for information, rules, leaderboards, and links to a growing community: Lara's Home(includes Lara's treasure room,assault course and racetrack), Jungle Click here for more ways to help. New Walkthroughs. (Windows and Macintosh savegame files are available in case you make a bad save, want to skip a level, etc.). Back to the Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough. Lara must seek out these statues around the world and stop the corporation from conducting its evil experiments. He informs her that it is actually one of four pieces carved from an ancient meteorite. Through the windows on the le… Tomb Raider 3 features upgraded graphics and more detailed environments. The PlayStation Store has versions for PS3 and PSP. Includes all hidden secrets, PC and MAC bugs, and comes packed with screenshots. 01 - Jungle. RX-Tech Mines Lara's arsenal now includes the powerful Desert Eagle pistol and rocket launcher. It was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive on the 21st of November 1998. Follow(function(d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); = id;js.src = "";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, "script", "bloglovin-sdk")). After finding all the artifacts, Lara heads for Antarctica, where the plot thickens. Run – Up Arrow. Lara has her familiar arsenal of weaponry as well as a Desert Eagle pistol and rocket launcher. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is now available on consoles and PC, and it marks the third and final installment in Square Enix's rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy. Classic Tomb Raider Games on New Systems: Original content and images copyright © 1998-, Bosnian Streamer's Complete Tomb Raider 3 Video Walkthrough. Lara will not fall off edges while walking. For Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 9 guides and walkthroughs. A few of the sailors had apparently explored the crater's interior. Sony has announced Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available as part of PlayStation Plus. 1 England 1.1 Lara's Home- 'Welcome back to my humble abode.' Final Doom. New vehicles include a quad bike (ATV), underwater propulsion unit, kayak, inflatable motor boat and mine car. Temple Ruins Walk one step forward (slow walk). 02 - Temple Ruins. Use Left and Right while running to turn Lara in that direction. It is here that they uncover the body of a sailor who served on Charles Darwin's expedition on the H.M.S. Final Doom. Shipped with USPS First Class. Classic Tomb Raider Games on New Systems: This game was designed for Windows 98 but can be patched to run in newer versions of Windows. Items: Rocket Launcher. Lara once again is sent on an epic adventure where she is looking for four pieces of an ancient meteorite. Secrets consist of ammunition, medi packs, save/power-up crystals and the occasional weapon. Spin around three times and then jump backward or forward. (The pistol, shotgun, Uzis, harpoon gun and grenade launcher carry over from TR2, and an MP5 submachine gun replaces TR2's M-16.) Battletech. 13 - Aldwych. Crouch and stand. Lara gets some fresh moves as well. Tomb Raider 3 was released in Nov 1998 for the PC, Playstation and later on the Macintosh. She can now traverse hand over hand (monkey-bar style), crouch, crawl and sprint. Objectives: Find the kayak and then paddle down the river to the level exit. Enter and follow the passage to the end. Secrets: 6. Perhaps the designers intended to have save crystals in the PC game, then scrapped the idea but for some reason didn't remove the crystals. Walkthrough. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Tomb Raider … While following the Ganges downriver, she runs into a Scottish scientist, one Dr. Willard, who is also looking for the stone. //-->