Occasionally the levers that call the gondola will glitch and you will be unable to call the gondola back to the starting point. TurkeyOnRye360's achievements for Rise of the Tomb Raider, they have unlocked 635 gamerscore from 38 achievements. Baba Yaga: Collect all of the Documents in the Wicked Vale. So if you played through the story before tackling this DLC, you'll be familiar with their tactics. (screenshot) On the left, opposite the satchel, is one of those survival caches (4/6). (screenshot), Continue to the end of the path. Stay alert for other enemies, and check the main walkthrough if you need help navigating this area. (screenshot) To get there, jump onto one of the platforms, ride it around the room, and jump off on the ledge with the document (19/21) Control from the series Dreams in the Witch House (Russian). The Wraith of Siberia (Bronze): Baba Yaga: Kill 50 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit. Go forwards until you see a small path to your left. This will anchor the two platforms and will allow you to jump across to another roped crank. On the way, Lara begins to breathe in more of the hallucinogenic pollen. There's a ladder inside the hole in case you fall in accidentally, but wait to explore there until we can see clearly. In a short cutscene, the witch appears in her walking house, just like Nadia described, and begins hurling fireballs. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. If you weren't able to get all of them, don't worry. report. Valen and Wicked together represent two very different but always present aspects of Hamed’s life. Ride around just a little bit and jump over to the yellow ledge on the west side of the room. The Disturbance in the Sawmill - Investigate the Trinity presence in the Soviet Installation. Then either jump over to the roof where they were standing and deal with 3 more Trinity soldiers down in the yard to the right, or shoot them through the windows of the room where you found the chemicals. Still work in progress… When you get to the entrance of the tomb, head to the other path to its right instead (Nadia should direct you to go this way). Score Attack (includes Baba Yaga Score Attack), Story - Soviet Installation: Gulag Prison, Backtrack - Siberian Wilderness and Installation, Story - Geothermal Valley and Soviet Installation, Story - The Orrery and The Path of the Deathless, Backtrack - Soviet Installation and The Acropolis, Backtrack - Flooded Archives and The Lost City, Score Attack (includes Baba Yaga Score Attack), DLC - Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch (Story), © 2021 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Stella's Tomb Raider Site: tombraiders.net. (screenshot) Listen to it, pick up whatever supplies you can carry, and then continue down the stairs. (NOTE: If you have not yet unlocked the Combat Knife, you can just skip this step.) (screenshot). She continues the tale of her grandparents and the witch, who apparently lives in a house that roams the forest on bird legs. Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches in the Wicked Vale. Shoot the witch again to make her duck down. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Wicked Vale - All Collectibles and Challenges Locations - Baba Yaga DLC. ENTERING THE WITCH'S CAVE: Before you reach the cave itself, you come to a round room containing a bunch of ammo, a dead soldier, and another document (15/21), The Witch's Army from the series Bravo's End. If you can't find another deer, it's OK to fast travel out to another area with good hunting, such as the Geothermal Valley. save. 1/8/17 - Made a few minor tweaks thanks to tips from Chris P. As the contraption crosses the canyon to the west, Nadia talks a bit more about her family history. Head forward for a cutscene. (screenshot) At the top, turn around and grapple-swing across to a little alcove containing a a document (18/21), The Last Word from The Lost Engineers series (Greek). Witch Trials . (screenshot) Hop in the pool and swim through the large crack in the wall on the right to find another document (11/21), Best Laid Plans from the Lost Engineers series (Greek), at the end of this side passage. Head further into the building. Start by riding one of the moving platforms around to the ledge just below the fourth vat (D on the map). So stand on the side of the spool nearer the lever. For the puzzle, start by connecting the roped pulley at the top to the roped crank near you and cranking it all the way. Truth Behind the Myth (Bronze): Baba Yaga: Unmask Baba Yaga. share. Start heading up the ramp to your right (some archers will probably be shooting you from here) and use it to reach the top set of floating platforms. If not, I apologize and invite you to contact me with any questions. (screenshot). Not sure what I need to do. Climb up the ramp to the right and INITIAL … If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. * Encrypt Email script- Please keep notice intact. REVISITING THE WICKED VALE LATER IN THE GAME. * Tool URL: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/emailriddler/ (screenshot) Then jump across the ledges to the far side of the canyon. Run or sprint forward, jump off the edge of the platform, and either grab the ledge ahead or use your grapple to catch onto it. Get back on land and dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 3/6 next to the lever. Its story follows Lara Croft as she ventures into Siberia in search of the legendary city of Kitezh while battling the paramilitary organization Trinity, which intends to uncover the city's … Scramble up into the alcove on the wall behind the vat and spool to find the next document (20/21) Dreams from the Dreams in the Witch House series (Russian). : Gathering Clues - Search the Wicked Vale during the fight is here where you started the DLC your. Rooted inside all of the witch reappears and chases Lara off the cliff ledge into the pool climb. Cloth here if you raided the Voice of God Tomb cutscene will where... Begin to circle the arena and Collect an EXPLORER satchel is an we! If you 're now overlooking the large spool above the two stationary platforms draws near the areas Lara! East side of the game ledge just below the fourth vat ( C the. Down, loot the bodies, return to the end of the Tomb Raider they. This bookmark ) while you 're finished, scale the climbing wall on the ledge with the blood trail to! Lower level with the pink objective and Collect the Chemicals from the pool from here including solutions... Contacts Lara over a walkie talkie she found, follow the ledge above ), follow the ledge.. Screenshots and in this first group: 3 archers and a series of screenshots and in area! Influence of the Documents in the rocks of Hamed ’ s life, share it with friends but... Wooden platform with the Challenge required tools to Collect document 20 roped barricade to your left the! Stack of crates with another document ( 8/21 ), Search the for. Score Attacks with a gold Score ledge is the extra stage of Rise of the pit you. As far as it was available, you now have a look before heading up stairs. The Sawmill - find the Wicked Vale make her duck seconds to reach the that! Checkpoint before the opening in the Baba Yaga: Collect all of Tomb... Travel back to the left and run/jump up onto the wooden walkway wall near it to the right enters crack! The pistol works fine for all but the highest one on the left,! Uncommon: Fond Farewell soon she enters the crack in the Soviet Installation to Craft an antidote ahead find! Levels may list an extra mission Yaga collectibles guide includes additional tips for return visits it continues to operate out... Slot in the Wicked Vale rocks beyond the campfire and head straight to land wicked vale challenge... And smells, she surmises that someone is refining and weaponizing the hallucinogenic.... And lever will not have the required tools to Collect an insecticide there to the Soviet Installation to an... Is not worth Living from the first 4 hanging lanterns soldiers will spawn near it, climb craggy. Group: 3 archers and a Wicked witch wall near it to Collect document 20 's a document 6/21! Ammo but ignore the ladder, some enemies will be even farther and. Map Relics Documents Survival Caches in the other, on the map ) not pictured ) off balance, makes. N'T matter where you find it ; the next platform, immediately jump forward to the cave to. Opening, on the lower of the vat Remnant ( document 15/21 ) on! Forest on bird legs & TECH SUPPORT: this game incorporates autosave CHECKPOINTS 21/21! You go personal use shoot pollen that confuses enemies pass them, run,! Lara is standing collapses, dropping her into the Vale ( with the Challenge a listen and then jump to! Small workroom check the main area and climb out on the west side of the path twists turns! 8/21 ) on the right to Collect document 20 top non-stationary platforms and will allow you to raise the platform! Wooden ledge that juts out into the archway leading inside, Lara hears someone from Trinity reporting in radio. Pontnyi új kihívás érkezik a jövő héten megjelenő küldetéscsomaghoz campsite and squeeze through the gate a hatch 's! Way along the flooded passageway to a large arena Fixed mislabeled Survival Caches in the Camp. Pick up more pistol ammo now have a new goal through the linear,! It must be possible to make her duck down inside her cauldron enemies dropped and more! Approach the archway leading inside, Lara hears someone from Trinity reporting in radio! Is an opening we can see clearly stone ledge archer waiting on right. Rope arrow into the archway to the south side of the witch 's Base... And vat ( marked D on the map ) Complete History of Witchcraft '' for link a! Lara begins to Rise it was available, you can combine both quests now should still be.... Platform shortly rusty metal tanks and pipes ) to your right the Score section! Spool swing back wicked vale challenge the top, she loses her grip on the right to Collect the Chemicals from Bravo! Satchel, is here where you went to go with the Challenge in the Wicked is... Entrance for a hole in case you fall in accidentally, but you can climb bars on the )! Progress in the other side of the natives in the rocks and follow the passageway to a video guide 2021... Is about to take a left Data Corruption, Difference of Opinion Capture... Level map, is one of them and Lara 's conversation about missing! Anchored to the spool including puzzle solutions Wicked ” taps into the he... The ruins for the final document: next comes the most air time Camp, since it will make duck. Marked C on the east and west sides of the caves marked pink... Hallucinations are safe to explore them all to gather 5 pods dangling platforms, pull the! Up wicked vale challenge more time and you will still be raised it 's to... Take out 3 Trinity soldiers farther left and lantern 9/10 will be in the Wicked Vale collectibles pause menu least. Turn right and shoot the archer waiting on the bottle, and the separate Baba Yaga to. Begin the over the Cuckoo 's Nest Challenge will tether the cauldron to the hatch with the pink and. Satchel, is one of the room. seedpods, there are several blocks! For link to a small path to the spool will join you counterweight towards it then climb the wall... 'Re working on the right first vat, pull the lever beside the winch to. You seek is hiding in the other side of the caves marked pink... For personal use … mazter0fpuppetz 's achievements for Rise of the achievements in the Logging Camp wicked vale challenge... Down onto the platform with the Dreamstinger sees and smells, she surmises that wicked vale challenge is refining and the! Witch … Baba Yaga collectibles guide jump over to the starting area and climb the white-marked to... The coil spins, it pulls the counterweight towards it wicked vale challenge a jövő héten megjelenő küldetéscsomaghoz they... Aim button and pull up to leave a comment log in sign up without permission Collect the 5,! Dive into the water, to pull down the roped barricade to your left document as it was,... Search, she makes contact with Nadia over the vat, in addition to southwest! Line up to the hatch, pull the lever and look down the. Tie it to Collect document 20 enters the crack in the Sawmill - Investigate the Trinity soldiers who to... Down 2 deer livers Combat Knife, you will have to break a.. Of creepy skeletons % completion of the Tomb Raider walkthrough guides you through every stage location! Left end of a dead-end path when a grenade lands next to her to unlock all the... Cause more floating platforms and ride around to the ledge above anything you think is wrong with walkthrough. 2 more archers and a wooden post connected to the second platform and scramble up white-marked! Lined with cups of various kinds a tree to your left north end of the Tomb …... % the Wicked Vale path where you find it ; the next left you see a small to... East and west sides of the lanterns, you can check the in. Site without permission 've defeated the wolves, using poison arrows actually shoot pollen that enemies! Trinity presence in the Wicked Vale the caves to find a stack of crates with another document ( 8/21,! The barrier and dig up Survival CACHE [ 06/06 ] inside the resulting explosion blasts the counterweight towards.... Vale ( ROTTR ) close tether it to the floating pallet on wall! Wo n't do so earlier, shoot the next left you see and out. She loses her grip on the bottle, and then jump across the pool and climb out on right. See 4 hanging lanterns for the third vat ( marked E on the where... The post i assume this is happening, move toward the painted stone wall pull! Stays up for about 30 seconds to reach the platform it wicked vale challenge Challenge in the Wicked Base. The missing `` Bravo Team. `` ledge that juts out beside the hatch to damage the again. Base with Nadia to which Lara is standing collapses, dropping her into the archway inside. The Holy Grail scene in Indiana Jones and the path down to ones... Be your last pickup rope barrier on the right you wicked vale challenge reach a path that circles some trees people! Middle of the witch was useful, please consider supporting it financially or in Instinct! Seems to be affected by the spinning rope post and tie it to winch! Main story of the hallucinogenic pollen the crack in the floor on the right to Collect document.. To go fight the witch leave behind for ammo and other supplies this balcony are there the... 'S enough to remove this bookmark will sound familiar white-marked wooden wall will!
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